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How to Get More Confidence in Yourself?

Google “How to get more confidence in yourself” and you’ll find hundreds of tips on how to go about it. However, most of these tips don’t work very well. In this article I’ll show you five proven ways to increase your self-esteem and become a more confident person. Here they are!1. Achieve somethingSuccessful people are usually more self-confident. Why is that so? Because they achieved something worthwhile and that gives them confidence that they are good at something.Achievement builds self-esteem. Make your life interesting and set challenges on a regular basis. Can you become fluent in a new language in 6 months? Can you run a marathon? Can you write a novel? Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do? Why not do it now?Every success and new experience makes you a better person and gives you a confidence boost. What’s more, pursuing your dreams helps you develop determination and discipline, both of which help you work on your confidence. Lanjut baca di sini